Cheap Wedding Cake

Cheap Wedding Cakes

The wedding cakes that your Grandmother had at her wedding was probably dry, white tasteless confection with globs of sugary icing, wedding cakes have come a long way over the years, thank God. They are now scrumptious works of art, that even the Great Michelangelo would love to taste!

I will first give you the cheapest possible way to have a great tasting wedding cake for the absolute bottom line. You will need to have someone assist you with this method, but you probably have someone you love and trust that can do this for you.

The second method will assume you wish to have a baker do all the work and just want to find places that will help you cut some of the costs that will not likely make a difference in the final product.

Wedding Cake Links

Where to get a super deal on you’re wedding cake. has everything you can possible need in making your own cake or just making certain items that embellish your cake. is the leader in cake making supplies. This is a very beautiful site that you will enjoy.

If you live in Las Vegas here is a good place to start:
fantasyweddingcakes DECADENT, DELICIOUS AND AFFORDABLY PRICED. Be sure to first check with the Better Business Bureau first to make sure they have a good rating.

Money saving tips

Ask a friend who loves you and loves to cook if they will do a few thing to help you save money on your cake. They will be doing fun things, like putting flowers on the cake and placing candles around the cake. These are all things that the cake baker will charge you extra for. You can also have this person pick up the cake but only is it is three layers or less. You wouldn’t want it to get damaged on the way to the reception site.

How much will a wedding cake cost me?

Wedding Cake Prices

If you have 100 guests, the price of the average two tiered cake is about $600-$700. The higher the tiers, the more expensive. For example; a three tiered wedding cake per slice price may go up another $1.00 and another $1.00 per slice if you go up to a four tiered cake. Expect to pay anywhere from $5.00 to $7.00 per slice. Also here are some hidden costs you should be aware of: fondant covered frosting, chocolate ganache icing, cream cheese icing, marzipan frosting, creamie fillings, liqueurs, torting, fondant flowers, gum paste sugar flowers, chocolate flowers, custom toppers, custom cake plate, fondant bow topper, and pearlized fondant.

If you live in New York and some metropolitan areas... I am sorry to say you will be paying much more for everything in you’re wedding especially you’re wedding cake. Unless you purchase your items online, but I wouldn’t purchase my cake out of state... it’s just to risky.

Here is an interesting way to save money on you wedding cake; the fake cake.

You rent a cake that looks exactly like a real cake and have a section that a real piece of cake is inserted, after you cut the cake and feed each-other the real piece of cake, it is whisked away to the kitchen and a sheet cake that hopefully doesn't cost much is served. And no one but you has to know. If you like this idea here is a company that can assist you in creating this cake magic trick:

This will really save you a lot of money

If you already know what you want you could save on the designer costs simply by finding wedding
cake pictures and showing them to you’re wedding cake maker. Click on the link above for almost 1,000 pictures of wedding cakes

Here are some websites that I have found to be very nice and will save you money at the bakery.

This is an example of what the company can provide at a decent price.

ICES.ORG - This is the page for the International cake Exploration Societe’ this site is the bakers association. It has many link to find local chapters and bakers’ home pages. This will save you plenty of time and money.

Quick wedding cake tips

Have an estimate of how many people you will have at your reception.
Ask to look at pictures of their past cake designs.
Get a proposal on how much the cake will cost.
Ask for a sample of the cake you will have on your wedding day.
Before you make the deal final, get a signed proposal detailing all items that will come with the cake, like setup , etc.
Decorate with fresh flowers.
Order less cake then guests, many people will simply not eat the cake.
Choose an independent or out of home baker.
Hire a baking teacher.

Word of warning, although fondant icing looks beautiful it tastes awful!

If you have your heart set on a fondant wedding cake ask your baker to put real butter cream under the fondant so that it tastes better. You could also ask the baker to mix butter cream with cream cheese to give it the fondant look without the yucky taste.

Another good tip is don’t save the cake to to eat on your wedding anniversary it tastes awful, Just plan on serving that to your guests and you’ll save 20% on you’re wedding cake bill, and if you want a nice wedding cake just call a nice baker and have them make you one that was similar to your wedding cake in miniature, it will taste better and you will save money.

What is a Grooms Cake, and do I have to have one?

A groom’s cake has its roots in the South, and used to be viewed as an added and unnecessary expense, this once-neglected cake has been making a comeback. The grooms cake is supposed to be a gift from the bride to the groom, the groom's cake is usually chocolate or liquor-soaked and designed with a "masculine" edge. No posies please. You can get this cake at the same baker that is baking your wedding cake, but they will probably charge you more than say getting it Walmart or Albertsons. But it is entirely up to you to even get one. Your groom probably won’t even eat it at the reception. I say, skip it and save the money to get him an extra nice gift while on your honeymoon.

Make sure the baker doesn’t use crisco in any way shape or form it leaves a greasy aftertaste in your mouth.

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