Cheap Wedding Dress

Cheap Wedding Dresses

How About Saving 70% On The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams?

The average bridal gown costs $1,025 and a premium dress can set you back $2,000 to $3,000. Unfortunately when you spend $1,025 on a wedding gown, you will most likely not even get silk or sequins or in most cases finished seams or even a lining, all you get is a $1,025 unfinished dress.

If you were buying a party dress that cost you that much you would expect and get an amazing piece of artistry. For some reason that no-one can seem to understand just because it's white and called "A Wedding Dress" we are just supposed to fork over two and three times more for it then a regular dress, unbelievable!

I have not even touched on the accessories that they expect you to buy at the same time... talk about overpriced! Then you go online to see if you can save money and you find these big fancy sites that require you to register with them just to see some pictures of dresses and then they tell you outright lies to scare you out of purchasing your dress online, saying things like if you buy your dress online you are for sure going to be conned into purchasing a fake designer dress for the cost of the real thing.

I will only recommend sites to you that I have screened. You are a very smart consumer so if you are going to purchase something this expensive please use the
Better Business Bureau. Many of the sites that I recommend will also come highly recommended from the dress designer's themselves. The big online bridal shops are going to try every trick in the book to scare you into not purchasing online, and especially not your dress... why? Because they make crazy money from the thousands of bridal shops adds that run their site. Unfortunately they make their decision on who to help based on who SHOWS THEM THE MONEY! This leaves mom and pop who have a meager but profitable online designer dress store to fend for themselves. Yes, I do recommend that you be cautious, but if an online dress store is recommended by the dress manufacturer/designer you can probably rest assured, I know I said probably, that is because nothing in life is foolproof except death and taxes.

I hope I didn't depress you too much, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold is, "The Truth" the truth about the wedding industry and about the people who are looking out for you and the ones who are not and how to avoid the ones who are not.

"You" are why I am writing this site! I have a great need to help people avoid being ripped off! And that is what I intend to do. I will help you to avoid being ripped off on one of the most important days of your life. I will not only help you to not get ripped off, I will show you how to find a cheap wedding dress that is stunningly beautiful.

Here are some fabulous examples of great buys on beautiful cheap wedding dresses

Can’t afford a Monique Lhuillier or a Vera Wang dress but still want to look beautiful? 

This site is a frugal brides favorite you can get some amazing deals of all your wedding dress needs.

JCPenney also has some amazing prices on a couple of very pretty wedding dresses, I saw a strapless one in there catalog that is currently on sale for $69.00 marked down from $200.  Another one that I saw is a 2-piece wedding dress and it comes with a shawl.  Priced at $119.99 marked down from $150.

Even J.Crew has wedding dresses,  the Sophia is currently priced at just $225 on sale, regular price $295.  The strapless Sabine is currently priced at $695, and many of there dresses are 100% silk!

The Elizabeth from Ann Taylor, currently priced at $600. Please see the picture of the dress in the designers corner below.

Also check out
Dillards, I found this beautiful wedding gown for $160.00 WOW what a great buy and just look at the accessories.

Wedding Dress Shopping Secrets

1. Want a super deal on a gorgeous cheap wedding dress? Consider going to Filene’s Basement’s Running of the Brides.". If you are not shy, this is the place for you. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a beautiful designer wedding dress. If you are a brave soul and decide to go to Filene's, go early, bring a lawn chair, an entourage, and hot chocolate. Go to there website for more great advice;, they will even send you a guide through email giving you good tips on what to expect. Here is a list of there upcoming events:

Chicago, IL - One N. State Street 312-553-1055 Friday, September 16, 2011 – 8am to 9pm
Elmsford, NY - 295 Tarrytown Road 914-592-2447 Friday, September 23, 2011 – 8am to 9pm
Washington, D.C. - Mazza Gallerie, 5300 Wisconsin Ave. 202-966-0208 Friday, October 14, 2011 – 8am to 9pm
Westbury, NY - 695 Merrick Ave. 516-683-0018 Friday, October 28, 2011 – 8am to 9pm

Filene’s Basement will even give you a reminder of the event sent to your email.

Here is Filene’s YouTube channel:
‪FilenesBasement's Channel‬‏ - YouTube

2. Order you gown at least 6 months in advance.

3. Make an appointment with the bridal store to try your dress on. (they appreciate that)

4. Go to one of the extra fancy dress shops and try on at least one of the $2,000 to $3,000 dollar dresses. This will help you spot a good quality dress to compare the rest against. (leave your credit card at home for this one). Also don't tell them your real budget yet, or they likely will not let you try this one on. Also bring a friend with a camera, but take the pics in the dressing room after the salesperson is out of sight as they are afraid that if you are taking pics you are going to shop around, so don't let them see it. (lots of fun :-)

5. Go on a weekday or in the evening, the worst day is Saturday.

6. After you order your dress ask the salesperson for a catalog picture of the dress you ordered, this helps prevent some scams. I do not recommend this as it is illegal but some brides in an attempt avoid the scam of the unscrupulous bridal shop selling the sample that you try on as a new dress, sow a tiny red piece of string inside the dress. (I think this is going a bit overboard).

7. When you go to the real store that you want to purchase your dress from and they ask you for your budget, please fib, this is one area I assure you that it is okay to fib, God will not be mad at you, tell them that your budget it 10% to 20% less than it is. They always try to get you to go over your budget.

8. Fib also about the date of your wedding, (say that it is closer) this will give you a comfort level that you will definitely appreciate as your big day draws near.

9. Try on only 5 gowns per session, if you try on more you will have a difficult time remembering what you liked about each one.

10. Avoid getting stuck with the wrong size by asking the salesperson to see the manufacturers sizing chart.

11. See the same salesperson each time you visit the bridal shop.

12. Pick the size of dress yourself, don't let the salesperson pick your size, unless you are unsure what size you are.

13. Make sure the manufacturer tag is on the gown, and call the manufacturer to make sure they are authorized reseller of the gown. If the shop won't tell you the manufacturer and the dress has no tags... go somewhere else to purchase your dress, you'll find out why in just a bit.

14. If you are ordering your cheap wedding dress online or at some mail order and warehouse companies they may not be "official" authorized outlets, but they may purchase their gowns from legitimate channels, look at there rating if on EBAY and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Here is a link to the Better Business Bureau:

15. Give the shop all phone numbers that you may be reached by, so that if an emergency occurs they can contact you immediately.

16. Two weeks after you order your dress call the shop and get an official delivery date.

17. Two weeks before your dress is due call the shop to confirm that that everything is on target.

18. Inspect your wedding dress before you walk out that door, you don't want to get home and find a big tear or stain, they may say tough luck.

19. Get the alterations date due in writing, and make sure the seamstress is not fresh off the boat.

20. If you can, get a written estimate for all alterations.

21. If it has wrinkles make sure they use a steamer if the material is delicate.

22. Ask the shop what their payment policies are? Make sure you can use a credit card, using a credit card ensures that you can return it if they do not fulfill their part of the deal.

23. Ask them if they have any freebies, like steaming or delivery to the ceremony.

24. I know I already said it but I need to say it again, please use your credit card.

25. Don't listen to the huge wedding companies on how much money they think you should spend on your wedding dress, The Knot tells you to be prepared to shell out 10% of the entire wedding budget, this is outrageous!!! You should spend what you want to spend on your dress, with my tips you will spend substantially less. The bottom line... spend the amount you are comfortable spending.

26. If you purchase your gown online consider shops that are located in places that do not have sales tax, like Portland Oregon, or Las Vegas Nevada.

27. EBAY USA and & If you are on a very tight budget another option is to get your dress on Ebay (China) Blue-Catalog has nice bridal accessories and Julius Bridal has beautiful wedding dresses. They have stores on Ebay and sell wedding dresses at very affordable prices, though I am reluctant to share that tidbit as
I strongly believe we should at least try to support our own economy.

28. Shop at places that don't have bridal in the name.

29. The best time to shop is Thanksgiving through Christmas.

30. I want you to know that I am dedicated to bringing you every good tip that I can possibly find and adding to this list, so please come back often and find the latest tips.

32. Pick a well advertised designer. It's easier to comparison shop if you pick a well known and well advertised designer.

33. Haggle.

34. Check out Craigslist.

35. If your gown budget is $1,000 to $2,000 dollars consider going custom, many talented seamstresses can replicate designer gowns for far less that the designer.

35. For a less formal wedding buy a Bridesmaid Dress in white.

Pitfalls To Avoid While Shopping

The infamous disappearing manufacturer's label. Some bridal shops in an attempt to cheat you out of your hard earned dollars will take the manufacture’s label off of the wedding dresses. If you are out shopping for a wedding dress and see this... please take my advice and go somewhere else. Some do it as a means to substitute cheaply made knock offs for the original higher priced custom made dress. Some do it to make it harder to comparison shop. Whatever the reason, it’s illegal. Go to an honest bridal shop, where you can get an honest deal.

Sorry we don't take credit cards. Be leery of bridal shops that won’t take credit cards. Some bridal shops that do not take plastic are notorious for selling used or damaged gowns as new. Beware of signs like this: 50% off sale this weekend only. Fake discounts though still illegal still occur in many places. They mark it up first to then mark it down, do your homework and find out the manufacturer's suggested retail price of the dresses that you like and are considering and write them down, shopping with this list will definitely give you a comfort level.

Okay Miss here is your final alteration invoice for $500.00. Beware of excessive alteration charges by getting an estimate ahead of time.

A final trick to avoid many pitfalls: Check any wedding vendor you plan to use in the Better Business Bureau database or on
Rip off Also you should go to your clerk of the county court web site, type in the name of the business, and see if any court cases have been filed against them. It takes very little time to find out. Few people think to do these most basic checks. If a bridal shop has pulled this scam before, chances are there will be complaints somewhere, and it's always better to learn from other people's misfortunes, instead of your own. Check out all your potential wedding vendors in Rip off Report. Run the names of the dress botique through the better business bureau before you buy.

Great Places To Get Cheap Wedding Gowns Online

This is a beautiful site called Angeri, I have heard many good stories about their service.

Here is another cheap wedding dress store called Bridal Bargain Wedding Gowns, I love the gowns at this site, great prices.

RK Bridal advertises that is you find a lower price through an authorized dealer on the Internet, RK Bridal will beat it by 5% if you order by mail.

Plus size brides here is a way to find a beautiful affordable wedding gown that you will love.

Dori Anne Veils offers 20-50% discount on ALL bridal accessories bridal invitations bridal veils and wedding apparel.

House of Brides is one of the largest online cheap wedding dress stores and they carry everything for your wedding at amazing discounts.

Net Bride is one of my personal favorites and they are even a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Pearls Place is a bridal salon in New Orleans that is also a longtime member of the Better Business Bureau and subscribe to their customer care policy.

Stumps sells everything from invitations, banners, and lights to etched glassware, tableware and decorations for your reception. They also offer a large variety of decorations for your ceremony.

A very well know name is Jessica McClintock, I have bought clothes from this designer for years and I have always been impressed with the quality.

Bridal Power advertises that you can buy your designer wedding gown online and save 50-75% off retail prices.

The Bridal Mega Mall is located in Sacramento California and they advertise that they carry thousands of in-stock gowns all at discount prices, ranging from $99 up to high end couture, potentially saving you $1000's!

Here is a good site to get you designer wedding dress for up to 80% off

Here is a great site to get a great dress for next to nothing!!!

Here is one of light in the boxes current wedding dresses below: and it is currently only 178.19 click here to get it.

Pasted Graphic

Cheap Unique Wedding Dresses

Cheap doesn't always have to be tacky. Many people these days cannot, nor do they want to spent a fortune on a wedding dress that they will only wear one time. This is one key reason that many these days will first choose to try to find a cheap unique wedding dress online. You will hear everyone talking about this at the wedding parties. When it comes to planning a wedding, you obviously have to think about too many things, and the cost of everything is one thing that keeps popping up. You will be spending a lot of money making everything at your wedding and reception picture perfect. So, when it comes to wedding dresses, some people don’t find the extra money in the budget to splash out on a designer wedding gown. Sometimes it’s just the wisest choice to choose a beautiful cheap unique wedding dress. But there is no reason to dismay cheap dresses don’t always mean inferior ones in fact you can find outlets which will not only be cheap but unique as well as beautiful.

Outlets offering cheap unique wedding dresses is not difficult these days. Many companies these days understand and accommodate brides on a budget. Cheap wedding dress outlets offer a wide range of unique wedding dresses to fit your budget, and make you look and feel beautiful. I offer you many great ideas for how you can get a beautiful cheap unique wedding dress.

Get It In Writing

When you place the order get a receipt with the price, color, size, manufacturer, style number, and most importantly, the promised delivery date, alterations estimate, deposit, refund, and cancellation policy, also, any special requirements need to be in writing.

This is what will more than likely be on the receipt:

For The Bride
Las Vegas, Nevada
Wedding gown for: Hannah Anderson
Mfg.: Classic Elegance, style number 2265
Where advertised:
Promised delivery date: April 1st
BRIDE’S June/July, pg. 54
Color: White with ivory lace,
(no charge for custom color)
Size: 10, extra long
Price: $2,000.00
Extra long: $60.00
Sub-total: $2,060.00
Tax (7.75%): $160.00
Total: $2,220.00
Deposit paid: $1,200.00
Alteration estimate:125.00
Date due: April 1st.
Wedding Date: June 10th.
Make sure the refund, and cancellation policy, is included on the receipt

Bridal Emergency Kit

Satchel or gym bag
Sewing kit
Thread in white, black, and bridesmaids’ dress color
White chalk
Pins (bobby, safety, straight, and hair)
Ballet slippers
Stockings (two pairs)
Brush and comb
Blow dryer
Dental floss
Breath mints
Clear nail polish
Nail glue
Emory board
Crotchet hook
Eye drops
Contact lenses and solution
Tampons and sanitary napkins
Masking tape
Earring backs
Extra copies of wedding day and transportation schedule

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