Cheap Wedding Flowers

Cheap Wedding Flowers

The bridal bouquet is a focal point of your wedding, so when your planning the arrangement for your reception decor don't forget to spend time thinking about and planning the bridal bouquet. It is one of the most heavily photographed element in your wedding.Your bouquet should accent to your gown, it should reflect you, but not outshine you. Think of your bouquet as a piece of fashion to add to your gown. It shouldn't be too big, because it will overwhelm you and look terrible in photos, smaller tighter more natural looking is not only more affordable but more elegant. Whatever the size it is important that your bouquet reflect your personality and style. One of the simplest ways to do this is by infusing vibrant eye catching color into your bouquet, nothing is more beautiful that a bride walking down the isle with a bold bright bouquet, but if your heart is set on classic white roses or calla lilies one beautiful way to tie in your wedding colors is by using colorful ribbon. And for a really personalized and creative bouquet don't be afraid to think outside the box. There may be a special flower to you, your mother or your grandmother, using this flower as a focal point will be a memory maker. Or perhaps you could hold a small bible or a rosary with your bouquet, or you could weave in beads or crystals or jewelry into your bouquet, this is something that adds a wonderful magical fairytale touch that will make you feel and look like a princess.

What do your flowers say about you?

Are you bold like this:

Or are you more conservative and classic like this:

Or are you soft and gentle like this beautiful pastel colored bridal bouquet:

The sky is the limit when it comes to picking your bouquet style.

This is an area where you can really have some fun and be yourself, let your friends and family see the real you by picking flowers that really say who you are.

Some brides pick their flowers even before they choose their dress, this way they can set the tone of there wedding with color.

Here is a quick overview of the possible flowers bouquets that you can choose from:
Long slender bouquet that is designed to be carried over one arm. This is best suited to long stemmed flowers such as calla lilies (arum lilies), as seen in this photograph.

Sheath Bouquet (Arm Bouquet)

Traditional teardrop shape, (below) consisting of a posy with a trail of flowers and foliage. Suitable for use with a wide variety of flowers. Click here for more photos

Shower Bouquet (Cascade Bouquet)

My favorite is the posy or traditional shape, giving a simple elegant look. Suits flowers such as roses, tulips, ranunculus and peonies. I’ve noticed hand-tied posy bouquets becoming more and more popular. Featuring mixed bouquet of Rosa 'Aubade', 'Faith', 'Magic Moka', and 'Prophyta', spray rose 'White Majolica', 'Ilse', and 'Cream Garcia' with wax flower 'Blondy'

Posy Bouquet

This type of bouquet is made by holding the flower and foliage stems in one hand and adding the other stems around in a spiral fashion, criss crossing the stems at the one point, and binding them in position with a string or ribbon bow with long tails completes the bouquet. It is really easy to do.

Hand Tied Bouquet

Do you want to save big money on your flowers and still have gorgeous blooms?

For maximum fun and cost savings design your own wedding flowers
I will give you everything you need to know about who, what, and where you can get your wedding flowers wholesale and i’ll show you how to put them together. All you need to accomplish this is a few extra hands (bridesmaids like this one) and a day or two before the wedding.
Here is a fantastic video the show you step by step how to get started.

Below is the written narration of this video with floral arranging instructions:

This stunning bouquet of classic ivory roses features blue green Eucalyptus foliage that high lights the roses beautifully plus delicate wired crystal beads which could be matched to the decoration on the brides dress. The display is created using the spiraling stems method giving a coned affect to the bouquet centre and adding strong design element with the formation of the stems. The stems are bound with broad satin ribbon and then with organza ribbon secured with pearl headed pins.You'll need to pre-prepare a couple of things before starting to create your bouquet.

1. Cut a 1 meter length of garden string double back about 30 cm of this at one end and form a loop, double knotting this to secure. You'll need this to bind around the stems of your finished bouquet and you won't want a laid bouquet down at this late stage to prepare the string.

2. You'll also need 2 or 3 pre-cut lengths of adhesive floristry tape often known as pot tape. Cut about 60 cm from the reel and stick it to the edge of the table ready to use later.

3. Take you conditioned roses and strip away the remaining sets of leaves and torn petals. Prepare all the roses your going to use, around 19 or 20, in the same way. Dispose of the leaves but keep the torn petals if you like. They make wonderful nature confetti.

4. Put the roses back in water until you need them. Take your conditioned stems of Eucalyptus, cut off the side shoots and snip into short and varying lengths, about 30 cm on average. Cut long shoots in half to do this if necessary. Strip the leaves off the lower half to two 3-3rdsrds of the stems. some leaves will pull off quite easily others will have to be stripped away individually.

5. Take about 12 of the beaded wires that you've already prepared and the roses. Start with a rose and lay a length a of foliage across the stem at about a 45 degree angle. Grasping the stems in one hand, twist or rotate slightly and add in a beaded wire also at an angle, rotate again in your hand. Lay another piece of foliage across the stem at an angle, twist, add another rose then more foliage and a beaded wire rotating after each addition. Hold the bouquet stems in one hand, not so tightly that you get a cramp in your fingers but firmly enough to keep them secure. Use the other hand to pick up and add the material.

6. The aim is to create a domed centre of the bouquet with the sprigs of foliage and beaded wires standing slightly proud of the flower heads. Make sure you add your material to your bouquet at the same angle each time and rotate the bouquet in the same direction so that the stems spiral out evenly below your hand. Wrap your prepared string around the stems of the hand point and thread the free end though the prepared loop. Wrap it around several times in the same place and tie the loose ends together with a double knot and trim.

7. Bind the prepared tape over the string keeping the binding as neat and as narrow as possible. Now you need to cut the stems down, but not to their final point yet, just to shorten them. Grasp the stems and cut across using sacateurs.

8. Fold back the ends of the beaded wires aligning them with the tape so that there are no sharp ends of wire within the stems of the bouquet. Check through carefully to make sure you found them all. Wrap another piece of pot wire around the wires over the top of the previous tape to bind in the ends. It helps if you pre-cut a piece of tape before you reach this stage.

9. If your bouquet is not going to be needed for a while, sit it in water until your ready to continue working on it. When you are ready to continue use the hot glue gun to put a dab of glue on the tape binding the stems. Keep some water handy at this point.

10. Attach a length of broad satin ribbon to the glue be careful with your fingers and the hot glue and then bind the stems firmly overlapping the ribbon as you go. Bind down the stems for about 10 cm then cut the ribbon. Put a dab of glue on the binding and glue down the loose end, again being careful of the hot glue.

11. Take the wide organza ribbon trim away any loose wires sticking out at the ends then wrap it around the satin ribbon a couple of times to secure. Don't use the hot glue gun, the glue will show through the organza. Bind it around 6 or 7 times to cover the satin ribbon and soften the affect. Work your way back up to the top. Fold under the raw edge and secure with pearl headed pins. These may be quite hard to push in as they are actually going into the stems, they need to do this rather than push between the stems, as they could then prick the brides hands. If they bend, pull out then replace. Rub away any dirt that has attached it self to the pins

Materials used in this video: Make your own bouquet

1. Garden string
2. Adhesive floristry tape or pot tape
3. 20 ivory colored roses
4. Eucalyptus stems
5. 12 Beaded wires (wired crystal beads)
6. Sacateurs
7. Wide satin ribbon
8. Wide organza ribbon
9. Pearl head pins

Fresh flower bouquet supplies that you for hand-tied bouquet are:

• 20-25 stems per bridal bouquet
• 18-24 stems per table arrangement or bridesmaid's bouquet
• approximately 12 stems per bouquet designated for a mom, or flower girl.
• bucket
• ribbon (in wedding colors)
• paper towels
• floral tape
• stem strippers
• centerpiece vases

I believe that anyone can assemble a nice wedding bouquet with these instructions. The floral arrangements in this video are classic and timeless and only require some basic florist tools. When decorating for wedding receptions, imagine the hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars you can save on wedding floral centerpieces. You can use the extra money you save for a longer honeymoon. With careful planning you and a few friends can make these different wedding flowers a day or so before the wedding. Be sure to use some of the same flowers in the brides bouquet that you use for all the others so it all fits in with the wedding color theme.

Here below are some great websites to buy flowers and supplies at amazing prices.

Here is a nice website with lots of pictures:, just remember that flowers are a crop and not all of them are available at all times of the year.

Here are some amazing prices on ribbon:, they sell ribbon at unbelievable prices.

Here is an absolutely amazing site to look at bouquets and they have terrific prices on ribbon also., this is one of my all time favorite sites. I am purchasing several items for many upcoming weddings that I am planning, there designer Kimberly Aurora is amazing. Her bouquet's will take your breath away.

If you need fresh rose petals go to, not only do they have great prices on rose petals but they also sell flowers at fantastic prices. this site has water tubes, floral foam and other design necessities. was one of the first online flower discounters.

Go to to get ribbon at great prices. for great prices these come from Ecuador and they have a great site. is a national chain of craft stores with attractive offerings.

Here is a nice site that guides you through to making your own bridal bouquets:

And I left the best for last... here is my favorite website for getting quality flowers for true wholesale prices: I ordered from and they were beautiful, I was delighted with what I received and they give you free shipping by FedEx, very impressive. Their "wholesale wedding flower" prices were just as good as the prices that flower shops pay. They are true wholesale prices.

If you buy flowers from you order directly from them, not me or this site.

Tips to make sure your wedding flowers are beautiful on your wedding day?

1. Are you considering wholesale wedding flowers? This is an area to be weary because every advertisement for wholesale wedding flowers claims that they will send you beautiful bulk flowers at wholesale prices but how do you know who is legit and who will break your heart on your wedding day?

2. In the United States, before you can buy wholesale wedding flowers you must hold a retailer's license. Buying wholesale means you are telling the U.S. government that you are not buying for private use - but rather to resell for profit.

3. If you find a true wholesale florist supply site, you are usually asked to submit your tax I.D. number. They have to track your purchases and answer to the government, and have to submit documentation to prove they are selling for profit.

4. Before selecting a source for your flowers be sure to pay special attention to their guarantee and return policies.

5. It doesn't hurt to try to bargain with your local flower shop for "Wholesale Wedding Flower" prices. It it doesn't hurt to ask your local flower shop if they can give you a discount on certain flowers or if you offer to do the conditioning your self.

6. Flowers are a crop and as such are not guaranteed to be the same all the time.

7. Stay in contact with your wholesale flower farm. Talk to a representative and contact him/her a week before the wedding. Nail down the specifics again on delivery time, whether there are any complications expected and what the weather is like. Call again the day before delivery and make sure everything is running smoothly.

8. Be there. If a delivery is promised by your wholesale wedding flowers supplier to be there on a Thursday morning - be there to accept it! Don't have them leave it on a porch on a sunshiny day. Your flowers will DIE!!

9. Process them immediately as instructed by the wholesaler. The key to keeping flowers longer is to get them drinking water as soon as possible.

10. Plan ahead by having plenty of buckets on hand (one 5-gallon bucket for every 2-3 bunches of flowers you order. More if the flowers need room to open).

11. If there is a discrepancy, contact your representative IMMEDIATELY! Reputable farms will bend over backwards to make you happy.

12. Realize if you want wholesale prices, you may have to buy in quantities like a florist does. No farm is going to sell you one dozen of this color, five stems of another color, etc. They pack in bulk and sell in bulk. If you want the savings . . . you'll have to buy like the professionals do. Be willing to accept a comparable substitute if the specific variety you want isn't available. An unexpected drought can make your "Candy Cane Red" color not available. Be flexible and you will be happier when you receive your order.

13. Don't order at the last minute. I never understand people who order at the last minute then want to be angry if the order isn't exactly as they envisioned it. Flowers ship out every day. To be assured of getting the freshest flowers and specific varieties you want . . . PLAN AHEAD. Place the order in plenty of time that the wholesaler has a good chance of sending what you want.

14. Don't have the flowers delivered on the very last day. Good flowers fresh from the farm are tightly closed. It takes days for lilies to open, roses to loosen, and daisies to be at their peak. The flowers are cut this way to assure flower shops the longest shelf life possible.

15. Good flowers should last a week or more in regular (air conditioned) environment. You are going to be disappointed if those Star Gazer lilies aren't opened for all their glory if you received them the day before the wedding. You may have to arrange for 2 shipments. One for the flowers that take longer to open, (alstroemeria, all Oriental and Asiatic lilies, bouvardia, mums) the second for the flowers you want as tight because they open quickly (roses, gerbera daisies, calla lilies, orchids, larkspur, blue delphinium).

16. The wholesaler can give good advice on recommended shipping days and how long to open. There is a professional solution available called "Quick Dip" which promotes faster opening times. Purchasing your own flowers in bulk can save you considerable money. Please don't try to cut corners by not buying certain fresh flower products, however. Florists go to great lengths to ensure that these flowers stay fresh throughout the whole time from receipt, until design and throughout the entire wedding day. Investing a small amount in similar products will help you have the same results!

17. Clean the buckets days in advance with bleach water and allow to dry. You don't have to rinse. A small amount of bleach will help keep the bacteria down. Although professional florists do use certain products to clean their flower buckets, you can do the same with some regular household bleach. Clean out the buckets before using with bleach water. A weak residue of bleach in the buckets will not hurt your flowers - rather it will keep down bacteria from forming that can spell death for your flowers. Just don't get under the impression that if some is good - more is better!! A capful of bleach in a five gallon bucket is fine for scouring out the bucket. There is no need to rinse. Do not use soap in the buckets which can be harmful to some flowers.

18. Place them in a large cool room after they have been cut. Basements are fine as well as air-conditioned rooms. Just turn the thermostat a little cooler than usual. You should feel chilly in the room.

19. Use professional flower food. Although you don't need to buy the quantities of flower food that florists buy, investing in several 10 Gram packets to mix in with your buckets of water will nourish the flower heads and help them open bigger, sooner and hold longer. I prefer buying mine through a true wholesale floral supply rather than using "Grandma's secret recipe". Wedding flowers are too precious to take chances on home remedies!

20. Cut all flower stems underwater and then place in "Quick Dip"

21. Mist the flower heads with a flower sealant like Finishing Touch. This is one product I cannot design without. Finishing Touch is one wholesale floral supply item that is used by professional shops everywhere. It is ready-to-use finishing flower sealer. It can be sprayed on any flowers, fresh flower arrangements, bouquets (and potted plants) to freshen, rehydrate and protect delicate petals and blooms.

22. Keep your fresh bouquets in a water source.

23. Wait until the last possible minute to put on ribbons, water can make the ribbon discolor or go limp.

24. You may want to consider a pre-made decorative bouquet wrap that can be quickly put on the bouquets before walking down the aisle. This saves important time when your mind is elsewhere!

25. Dry packed flowers are very thirsty. When you cut the stem of a flower, the flower immediately "gulps" just as you would taking in a breath. If the flower gulps in air instead of water, an air pocket may develop in the stem. This air bubble literally keeps water from reaching the flower head.

26. Be sure that first gulp a flower takes is of water by cutting under the water surface. This is very important. Also cut with a sharp knife or bunch cutter. Scissor blades tend to pinch the stems, again squeezing off the pull of water up the stem.

27. I recommend a florist supply product called "Quick Dip", Quick Dip is a product that you immediately dip newly cut flower stems in. Keep it in a deep bowl and immediately dip the end of your cut flower into it up a couple inches on the stem. Quick Dip is a flower treatment that is ready-to-use right out of the container. After cutting your dry pack flower bunches under water, dunk the cut end of the stems for a quick "one second" dip in this solution. Doing this will help prevent bent neck, wilting and stem plugging. It rather "wakes up" the flower and helps it suck up water to the flower head immediately after being cut for the first time. It doesn't take a great deal - one pint should more than enough to process the flowers for one wedding.

28. Most florists allow their flowers to drink water at normal temperature for 20 minutes or so. Then they put them in a specially designed cooler that is more humid that a regular refrigerator.

29. Use Finishing Touch, this clear formula sprays on and leaves no residue. It slows the deterioration and browning of fresh flowers. Finishing Touch holds moisture in while allowing the flowers to breathe. You can feel safe in using it on even the most delicate blossoms. (You may wish to wet a tissue with Finishing Touch and lay it gently over gardenia blossoms). Keep a tissue moist and keep it the refrigerator.

30. After designing your fresh flower wedding bouquets, be sure that they are in a water source of some kind. You can either use flower foam products (such as OASIS Bouquet Holders soaked in treated water) or place the hand-tied bouquets (without the ribbons) in vases of water.

31. I throughly mist my wedding flowers after they've been cut and in the water buckets, I spray them before handling them to design and I spray the finished design. If it's a day or two before the wedding - I always re-soak the Oasis in nutrient mixed water AND re-mist with the Finishing Touch. Don't skip this step!! Well... that's pretty much my "must have" list of wholesale floral supply products for fresh cut flowers.

With these tips and quality Oasis foam - your wedding flowers will look as lovely as if a professional did them!

Unusual Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer flowers are a great way to spice up your wedding and the cost is very attractive, most summer flowers cost a lot less than spring and fall flowers. Here is a list that will get you started shopping around for your summer flowers:

  • Cockscomb (Celosia)
  • Dlue Delphiniums
  • Columbine (Aquilegia)
  • Snapdragons (Antirrhinums)
  • Irises
  • Lilies and Calla Lilies
  • Gerberas
  • Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella) can be successfully combined with other flowers such as roses to create a really beautiful and interesting bouquet.

Additionally the following are flowers that should be available all year:

  • Roses (something about roses always says summer to me).
  • Anthuriums
  • Orchids
  • Tropical flowers
  • Lilies
  • Gerberas (gerber daisies)

Here are some more beautiful pictures of stunning summer wedding bouquets.

If you decide to use a professional florist here are some great interview questions.

1. Have they worked at your venue(s) before? If not, will they make a site visit before sending you a proposal?
2. Is your date available?
3. Look at photographs of weddings, individual bouquets, and events for which they’ve supplied flowers or décor.Judge the quality of the designs, not the quality of the photographs.
4. What props, tablecloths, floral containers and other “extras” does the florist own? What would need to be rented andby whom?
5. Do you like the environment in their space or shop?
6. Are their concepts original? How do they respond to your ideas? If you’ve brought clippings are they willing to use?
7. How do they handle substituting flowers if the ones you’ve decided upon are unavailable?
8. Will they do a sample centerpiece/ table set up for you?
9. What are the set up and break-down fees?
10. How soon can you expect a proposal?
11. What are their payment terms?
12. How long do you have to make up your mind?
13. When do they need a deposit?

Here is a handy bid sheet to take with you to the florists to compare their prices.

The Flower Bid

Company 1.:________________________________
Contact Name:______________________________
E-mail: ____________________________________
Floral Designers:_____________________________
Florist and Contact Information:______________
Price Estimate:_______________________________

Company 2.:_________________________________
Contact Name:_______________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________
Floral Designers:______________________________
Florist and Contact Information:_______________
Price Estimate:________________________________

Company 3.:__________________________________
Contact Name:________________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________
Floral Designers:_______________________________
Florist and Contact Information:_________________
Price Estimate:__________________________________

Company 4.:____________________________________
Contact Name:__________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________
Floral Designers:_________________________________
Florist and Contact Information:___________________
Price Estimate:____________________________________

Day-of Details Florist Worksheet

To: Event:
Date: Ceremony:

Delivered To:_________________

Delivered To:_________________

Delivered To:_________________

Delivered To:_________________

Delivered To:_________________

Delivered To:_________________

Here is a nice handy worksheet for all the flowers and what they consist.

Flower-Décor Worksheet

Altar or ceremony platform flowers____________________
Aisle arrangements__________________________________
Pew flowers/bows___________________________________
Aisle runner________________________________________
Entrance flowers____________________________________
Bridal bouquet______________________________________
Tossing bouquet_____________________________________
Maid of honor’s bouquet_______________________________
Bridal attendants’ bouquets____________________________
Petal baskets________________________________________
Ring bearer flowers__________________________________

Other bouquets (corsages, tussie mussies, mothers’ flowers)
Groom’s boutonniere_________________________________
Other boutonnieres___________________________________
Hair or head piece flowers ____________________________
Cocktail Reception
Entrance décor________________________________________
Escort card table______________________________________
Cocktail table arrangements____________________________
Cocktail table linens___________________________________
Buffet station flowers__________________________________
Bar flowers___________________________________________
Station/bar linens______________________________________
Hors d’oeuvres-tray flowers______________________________
Candles ______________________________________________
Other background arrangements__________________________
Restroom flowers______________________________________
Amenities basket(s)____________________________________
Reception Arrangements
Table numbers________________________________________
Table Linens__________________________________________
Napkin flowers/tying____________________________________
Band stand flowers_____________________________________
Chair treatments_______________________________________
Other room décor______________________________________
House flowers_________________________________________
Cake flowers__________________________________________
Cake table flowers/linen_________________________________
Ceiling treatment_______________________________________
Tent poles_____________________________________________
Tree rentals___________________________________________
Flowering plants________________________________________
Prop rentals (urns, furnishings, and so on)__________________
Garden ceremony items__________________________________

More money saving tips.

1. If your lucky enough to live in an area where open flower markets are easily available, choose your wedding flowers from their selections.
2. Do not use a florist who charges a consultation fee.
3. Choose a wedding date that is not near a holiday.
4. Mix fresh with silk, use the silk for the expensive flowers.
5. Have fewer attendants.
6. Use other things for decorations at the reception like balloons or rent plants or greenery.
7. Arrange the flowers yourself, you will save a bundle if you do.
8. Remember local flowers growers.
9. Use large blooms in the bouquets they cost will end up costing less if you choose carefully.
10. Order candles online, you can save a bundle here.
11. Watch out for the wedding markup, everyone figures if your getting married you can afford to spend more, so why tell them you are getting married, just say it's a family reunion or Prom.

Scams to avoid.

Here are some things to look out for:

You meet with your prospective wedding florist, and they make up a quick centerpiece for you on the spot with a bunch of flowers and offer you a price which you agree to, they fill out the paperwork for your wedding flowers. The problem is, you'll find out later at your reception they put a lot more flowers into that sample centerpiece than the one that ends up on your table. Why didn't they just build a sample centerpiece that had half the flowers, which would be closer to the centerpiece they will really make for you? The stakes are high, flowers are expensive, there's profit at stake, the more they can charge and the fewer flowers they put in the centerpiece, the more money they'll make. Also, be careful if they fax you a quote, and you try to haggle the price down. If they re-fax the quote, check every single item to make sure they did not remove any items. Some florists get sneaky and say "Sure we can come down on the price a bit". When you scrutinize their new quote, you may see substitutions that save you money but compromise quality.

You can avoid the scam by making sure your contract says specifically what type of flowers you are getting, any decorations, and the number of flowers in each centerpiece, and how many centerpieces there will be. People make empty promises which they will forget about later. Check out your florist in the Better Business Bureau and court judgments on the county records web site.

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