Cheap Wedding Rings

Cheap Wedding Rings

DO NOT EVER BUY DIAMONDS, EXPENSIVE WATCHES, OR EXPENSIVE JEWELRY OUTSIDE THE U.S. Most of us are not seasoned experts in jewelry, and this is why people get taken.

Only a professional jeweler with their own 10x magnifying loupe can tell for sure if the diamond is of the quality which the salespeople claim.

You arrive back from your honeymoon and decide to get your diamond cleaned up, so you leave the ring with a jewelry shop for cleaning. But when you return to pick up your diamond and get it home to examine it, you discover the diamond was switched. You can easily tell it's not your original diamond, the switched diamond is of much lesser quality, has flaws and cracks in it, Mr. Magoo could tell this is a bad diamond. This is not just a scam of yesteryear, I still hear complaints about this occurring. Unfortunately there will always be bad people in the world who will try to cheat you? This scam will be going on until the second coming of Jesus.

Wedding Ring Scams...How To Avoid Them

One good way to avoid this is when you buy your diamond, see if they can etch a serial number onto the edge of the diamond girdle. Then whenever you bring it in for cleaning make them write down your laser etched number on the invoice. When you pick up your diamond, be sure to verify that your laser etched number is still on the diamond. Bring your diamond grading certificate with you also, so you can make sure that your diamond matches all the flaws drawn on the certificate. If they switched your diamond, obviously there will be no laser etched serial number on the diamond. Other means you can use to protect yourself are to arrange in advance to bring your ring to the jeweler and be there to watch them when they do the cleaning, it does not take long. You really never know who is going to switch your diamond, but you can search online for any prior complaints about a jeweler before you give them any business. You can also clean your ring yourself, it’s really easy and you will have peace of mind. Here is a good way to keep your wedding ring clean for years to come. Ultrasonic cleaners, you can get this one for $99 at

Or you can get this one here for $32 also at

How To Find A Beautiful Cheap Wedding Ring

You can get the ring of your dreams and still have money left for a nice wedding

Your choice of metal can save you literally thousands of dollars. First I will give you several websites that offer very beautiful wedding rings at great prices, the first one is titanium with a really beautiful diamond it is the prettiest wedding ring and it only costs $718, the link is here:

Titanium wedding rings very cheap, ultra light and very hardwearing, making them the perfect solution for those on a tight budget.

Here are some more really beautiful wedding rings and they are very cheaply priced but not cheaply made, they are very well made,

Design Your Own Wedding Ring At Blue Nile

Here is a highly rated online store called Blue Nile. The price and quality of their rings are fantastic. You also know what you are getting, because each diamond comes with the GIA Certificate. Here is a ring that I designed and it only took me one minute flat to design: The diamond is rated “very good” and the metal is Platinum.

Russian Wedding Rings - They Are Beautiful And Much Less Expensive

Here is a picture of a Russian wedding ring
What is a Russian wedding ring? It is three rings in one. All three sit together in a beautiful interlinked dance, they really are quiet interesting and fun and the prices are very reasonable, if you are in the market for something out of the ordinary this is a ring you should check out.

Pawn Shops - Cheap Wedding Rings

You never know you could get lucky and find a $3500 ring set for $500! Why not at least try?

Diamond Look-A-LIke-Cheap Wedding Rings can give you a ring that looks just like a ultra high quality diamond. Moissanite has more brilliance and fire than diamonds, and is harder than rubies, sapphires and emeralds, and no-one but you and your soon-to-be hubby will be the wiser. Here is a sample of what you can expect to get: You can get this smaller almost one carat Moissanite (just to the right) at Kohl’s for $599, it’s set in white gold.

You can get this one for about $1999:

It is 3/4 carat center and 3/4 real diamonds and is set in 14K white gold, what a steal.

And this beauty to the right is my favorite

for only $1200: You can get is at this site:

And this stunning 10.00 Carat Asscher Eternity Band Ring. Each stone is 6.5MM or 1.00 carats, In solid 14kt Gold. Total carat weight in a size 6 is 10.00 carats made with our stunning asscher created diamond simulants, here is a picture:
This wedding ring can be yours for only $1200, and this 7 carat beauty below for only $1100

Diamond Wedding Rings

When you must have a diamond wedding ring check out places like offers some of the best prices on diamond wedding rings in the business.

And if your Husband to-be wants “Platinum” this is a great site you will save hundreds of dollars:

Here some more good sites that I think you are going to love.

These sites offer all types of cheap wedding rings, such as cheap diamond wedding rings, cheap wedding rings for men, vintage wedding rings and they even have celebrity wedding ring look-a-like, has a pink diamond ring that looks like Mariah Carrie’s engagement ring, only many times cheaper.

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