Cheap Wedding Supplies

Cheap Wedding Supplies

How to save big money on your wedding supplies and reception catering

This first idea is only if you are having your reception at your home or a friends home or a place that lets you bring in your own Bartender and alcohol. You first need to be very specific as to what is important to you and your Fiance. Do you want a full bar with drinks flowing freely or is beer and wine more than enough? Once you make this decision you need to stick by it and don’t let others dictate your preferences. Once you have that decided go to one of these sites to get your liquor offers wholesale bar supplies. wholesale liquor can be bought here. or here: You can have a fantastic reception with amazing food and delicious cocktails, and still save big bucks. Then hire a bartender from an agency that represents professional bartenders, Unions are also a good resource, but be sure to interview them first and make sure they are the ones that will show up on you’re wedding day, get it in writing.

Catering Tasting Worksheet

Bar Accoutrements Worksheets

You can also make your own on a spreadsheet this is just to give you an idea

Bar Shopping Checklist

This option is only available if you are aloud to bring your own food & drinks to the Reception Venue, find that out first.

Scotch 4 liters
Vodka 6 liters
Gin 5 liters
Rum 2 liters
Bourbon 1-2 liters
Blended whisky 1-2 liters
Tequila 1 liter
Campari 1 liter
Dry Vermouth 2 750 ml bottles
Sweet Vermouth 2 750 ml bottles
Assorted beers 2 or 3 cases
Lite beer 2 cases
White Wine during cocktails 11/2 cases
Red Wine during cocktails 6 bottles
Champagne during cocktails 1 ½ cases
Cola 14 liter
Diet cola 12 liters
Lemon lime soda 7 liters
Diet lemon lime 7 liters
Ginger ale 7 liters
Club soda 9 liters
Tonic 1 case
Juices (cranberry, orange, grapefruit) 8 quarts each

Your can use the same method of hiring a caterer as you used in hiring a caterer and save literally thousands. But If you are not quiet that adventuresome just go through the online catering sections of wedding services portals for your specific area. Here is an example: has plenty of vendors for you to pick from.

Great Cheap Wedding Supplies

Bar Set-Up Checklist

  1. Does the caterer charge a service or corkage fee on top of the bar “set-up” fee that includes ice and fruit?
  2. Is it possible for the hosts to personally supply any wines or champagne at an in-house venue? If so, what is the corkage fee?
  3. Will the liquor supplier take back unopened bottles of liquor and un-chilled bottles of wine?
  4. Do you wish to have blended drinks, specialty drinks, or drinks that require special preparation? (For example: drinks such as cosmopolitans, martinis and margaritas that require shaking and particular glasses.) What ingredients and equipment do you need to arrange in advance? Are any of those included in the regular bar set up?
  5. What non-alcoholic beverages will be available? (These might include fruited ice teas, fresh squeezed juices, sangria without alcohol filled with slices of fresh lemons, limes, and oranges and served in glass pitchers, or non alcoholic beers.)
  6. If you’re using a full-service facility, what brands will the banquet manager provide? What is the price difference between “well” brands (the least expensive) and “premium” or “top shelf,” the most expensive?
  7. Are liquor stores allowed to deliver in your state? What arrangements can you make with the caterer to pick up the liquor?
  8. Will your site accept liquor deliveries in advance of your reception? Do they have a secure place to keep it?
  9. If you’re supplying the liquor, where should leftover open bottles of liquor be left? Who will pick them up for you after the wedding?
  10. Do you feel comfortable serving liquor to vendors such as musicians and photographers? How do you want to instruct the caterer regarding this matter?

Caterer Interview Checklist

  1. What ideas, if any, does the caterer have regarding appropriate spaces for your wedding?
  2. If you have found your space already, has the caterer worked there before? If not, will the caterer make a site visit before writing a proposal?
  3. What specific menus can the caterer recommend that will work in that facility’s kitchen?
  4. Does the caterer have sample menus? Are there photographs of their work?
  5. What references can the caterer provide?
  6. What are the caterer’s specialties?
  7. How flexible is the caterer in planning a menu?
  8. Can you have a tasting? At what cost?
  9. How does the caterer price the menus?
  10. Is a wedding cake included? If not, what are the charges? Can you supply one? Is there a cake-cutting fee?
  11. What are the specific hourly charges for all staff such as waiters, captains, and kitchen staff? What additional gratuities are suggested? What are the overtime charges?
  12. How many staff people would they suggest for your event and how many hours would each staff member work?
  13. How do they handle the rentals? Must you use a specific company? What choices do you have for rentals, such as glass, silver, china, and linens?
  14. What does the caterer own that will be included, such as props, platters, or kitchen equipment?
  15. Will you receive separate food, service, and rental bills?
  16. How do they handle the liquor?
  17. Assuming that you are allowed to supply your own liquor, what suppliers does the caterer suggest? Ordering suggestions?
  18. What do they charge for set ups (soda, ice, fruit)?
  19. How involved will the caterer be in your wedding, will he/she attend or are they just supplying food or helping with the ceremony and other facets?
  20. What is the caterer’s educated estimate on total costs for food, liquor, rentals and staff for your party?

Cheap Wedding Supplies

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