Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Cheap Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Evaluating Reception Sites Checklist

  1. What rooms are available?
  2. How many people does each hold? For a cocktail reception? For a seated meal with dancing?
  3. What are the air conditioning and heating systems like?
  4. When are the rooms available on the day you are interested in?
  5. If your date is flexible are there possible discounts for certain days or months?
  6. Will there be more than one wedding or party taking place on that day?
  7. How many hours are included? What are the costs for overtime?
  8. Is there a music curfew?
  9. What time would your vendors (florists and so on) be able to get in to set up?
  10. Is there a floor plan available with square footage on it?
  11. How many restrooms are there and what do they look like?
  12. If anything is visibly chipped, broken or out of order, will they put it in writing that it will be repaired before your wedding?
  13. What is the lighting like?
  14. Are candles allowed? Do they supply them?
  15. What is the parking situation? Is valet parking available?
  16. Does the site have an arrangement with a nearby garage? Is the site handicapped accessible?
  17. Are there any extra costs such as security or porters?
  18. Must one use only approved vendors such as florists and musicians?
  19. Are there photos of different kinds of weddings at the space that you can see?
  20. Where would group photos be taken? What do they recommend in terms of lighting, glare, and weather conditions?
  21. How much of a deposit is required? Is the deposit refundable?
  22. When are the other payments due? How long will they hold the date for you?
  23. Can you have right of first refusal?

Cheap wedding decoration ideas

Evaluating an On-Premise Reception Site Checklist

  1. Does the pricing include food, beverages, and staff? Is tax and gratuity included? If not, what are the additional percentages?
  2. How is the bar price tallied -- by consumption, hourly, or all-inclusive? What is available on the bar?
  3. What exactly is included in the menu price?
  4. Can you look at sample menus from other weddings?
  5. How will they price meals for vendors such as the band and photographer?
  6. Is there a special price for children’s meals? If so, what is it?
  7. With whom will you be working?
  8. Will you be able to have a menu tasting?
  9. Are there extra costs for such things as cake cutting, carvers, or bartenders? If so, what are they?
  10. If the site is in a hotel, is the honeymoon suite complimentary? Are changing rooms complimentary?
  11. What wines and champagnes are available? What are the charges for upgrading them?
  12. What choices are offered for linens, china, glass, and silverware?
  13. Are there additional rental charges, such as a dance floor or bandstand?
  14. Is a wedding cake included? May you supply your own?
  15. How many waiters are included in the price for a party of your size?
  16. How many bartenders?
  17. Is the menu flexible? What is the surcharge for offering a choice of entrees?
  18. What is the minimum number of guests you must guarantee?
  19. Given all the variables, what is their closest estimate on what your entire bill would be?

Evaluating Combination Ceremony-Reception Sites Checklist

  1. Are there separate rooms that could be used for the ceremony, a cocktail reception (if you’re having one), and meal? If not, how are the rooms usually changed over -- is there a place to store set tables, for example?
  2. Are there any additional fees for using extra rooms?
  3. Are there restrooms near the ceremony space?
  4. How many people will the space seat with an altar and a wide aisle?
  5. Is there a separate entrance into that area for guests? For the wedding party?
  6. Are there dressing rooms for the bride, groom, and attendants?
  7. Are chairs available for a ceremony? Who sets them up?
  8. If the ceremony site is outside, what is the rain plan?
  9. Is there a piano on-site?

Evaluating Reception Site Checklist

  1. What is the site rental fee? What are the additional fees for additional spaces?
  2. How many hours are included in the site rental including set-up and break down? Are additional hours possible?
  3. Do they have a list of approved caterers or may you bring in your own?
  4. Is there a list of other approved vendors?
  5. What are the smoking rules?
  6. What exactly is included in the rental (does the space own any chairs or tables, for example)?
  7. Must you use a specific rental company?
  8. May you provide your own liquor, or does the site hold a liquor license?
  9. Must you have everything picked up that evening or can you arrange for next day pick-ups? (Note: Late night pick-ups may result in additional fees from vendors and rental companies.)
  10. Does the site have a kitchen on site or must one be “built”? (Note: The latter requires extra rentals.)
  11. What is the total bottomline estimate of the site rental?
  12. Is any part of the cost tax deductible?

Wedding Reception Site Comparison Form

Locate The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue Online

Questions To Ask When Looking For A Wedding Reception Site:

  1. How many quests can the site accommodate?
  2. Are there any restrictions or special rules?
  3. Are there any minimums that I need to know about?
  4. Is there anything else happening at the site on my wedding day?
  5. Will there be any extras at the site available such as a dance floor lighting or a piano? If yes is there
  6. a charge for using these?
  7. Can I have an outside caterer? if yes is there a surcharges
  8. How many hours does the time cover?

Secrets To Saving Money On Your Wedding Reception

  1. Try to use sites that are City of County owned.
  2. Use a site that lets you hire your own caterer.
  3. Book in off peak times, saves a bundle.
  4. If you have a friend or family that have a really nice house or a big backyard, ask them if you can use the house, this will save you tons.
  5. Find out if your ceremony or church has a facility that you can use?
  6. Have your wedding in the late morning or early afternoon so that you can serve lunch or brunch this is much less expensive.
  7. Use a restaurant banquet room, many have them and you can sometimes not have to pay anymore than the price of the food and tip or course.
  8. Check out what town are nearby and call them, they are often much cheaper
  9. Check out a variety of business class hotels.
  10. If you can get away with it, tell them you are having a retirement party instead of a wedding.
  11. Many non profits facilities let you write of a portion of the rental fees, so keep your receipt.

Wedding Reception Pitfalls To Avoid

  1. Don’t fall for the all inclusive reception, there is a reason that each different professional is there own separate and distinct company, I have heard horror story after horror story about couples that did this and were disappointed.
  2. Don’t take any chances when booking give them the deposit and get the date and what is included in writing.
  3. Look out for catering surcharges.
  4. The old switchero, they show you one room and then book that room and give you a smaller room on your wedding day, get the name of the room in writing and have a recourse if that particular room is not use such as you will get your money back if they double book and give you a smaller room.

Take Home Wedding Reception Tips

Box up meals of guests that don’t show up, you paid a lot of money for the food don’t waste it, it’s your take it home, or give it to the poor.
Don’t overspend on your wedding reception table decorations, if you are tempted to overspend have someone else handle this aspect and give them a strict budget. Your will be glad you did, no-one remembers what their wedding reception tables looked like years later.

Wedding Reception Table Names

Here are some good ideas for wedding table names:

Song Titles are good depending on the theme of your wedding.
Characters in Disney
Characters in from Warner Brothers cartoons
Islands in the Caribbean
Cities in the Unites States
Street Names are also fun
Movie Stars Names
Recording Artists
Musical Instruments
Places that both the bride and groom have been together
Wine Names
Shakespeare comedies are also good names for wedding reception tables
Favorite love-stories, or romantic movies
Favorite books
Favorite flowers
Favorite teas

Here is a nice site to order your cards for your tables, they are called documents and designs and I think they have really good prices.

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