Bridal Accessories

Cheap Wedding Veils

Here are some great places to get your bridal wedding veil online
A wedding veil is the crowning glory for every bride. Wedding veils do not have to cost a fortune to be beautiful here are some beautiful ones for very affordable prices.
Pasted Graphic
This beautiful veil from is only 34 dollars!!!
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and this long one is only 95 dollars. These beautiful wedding veils can fit into anyones budget. Go to see more like these.

Wedding Dress Planner

Here is a nice little worksheet to help you in choosing your wedding garments and accessories

I am going to give you ways to save money on each item on your list of bridal accessories, and of course, the best places to shop to find those bargains. So before you start spending all you money, think about what you really need and how you could get it cheaper. Here are some quick and simple ways to save money on your all-important accessories.


Ask all your friends if they have accessories that you may borrow, you would be surprised how many of your friends will be honored, and then you have your “something borrowed”.

Make them yourself

Your Veil

Purchase your crown here: Vogue Fabrics, or go to a fabric or craft store near your home. I have seen tulle for less than $1 a yard, but the better quality tulle is more expensive. The more expensive tulle is softer so it is less scratchy. Some tulles have a soft sheen, which I really like. I purchased 6 yards of tulle, which gave me 18 feet of fabric for about $15.

A veil is incredibility easy to make and needs next to no sewing. A great idea is to use a pattern, Here is a good site for wedding veil patters that you are sure to enjoy,

But even if you don't use a pattern the veil is easy to make. The pattern that I used was the shape of a large oval. You can also just fold the tulle over lengthwise, pin it together so it doesn't shift, and cut the bottom end, rounding off the corners. You can leave the sides straight, with just the bottom rounded, leaving the top end squared so that it can be gathered on the comb.

If you want a double layer veil, so that you have veil covering your face, cut a smaller rounded veil.

After cutting the tulle, gather the tulle by using a gathering stitch on the straight edge of the fabric and then just bunch the tulle together.

The tulle is now ready to attach to the comb.

You can either attach the veil directly to your tiara, or to a comb. The advantage of attaching it to a comb is that you can take off the veil at the reception, while leaving the headpiece on. If you use a comb, make sure its heavy enough to hold the veil without breaking it.

Sew or glue the gathered veil directly onto the comb or tiara ( if you glue it let it set overnight before testing it out).

I chose to leave the tulle edge unfinished for a wispy look. You can finish the edge, by rolling it and sewing it. But don’t feel like you have to finish it, no-one will know or care.

You can also choose to decorate the body of the veil by sewing or gluing small pearls, crystals or beads on the veil. Whatever you choose keep it simple, you have enough work to do already.

If you are considering making your own veil, go ahead, it is easy to create a beautiful veil. There are plenty of patterns to choose from at your local fabric store.

Make your own veil, you can customize it to exactly the look that you want, at a fraction of the cost of a retail bought veil.

Here is a good video to guide you through making your own wedding veil.


Your can rent anything these days and why not, you will probably never wear it again, why should you pay those outrageous retail prices when you can rent your veil here.

Buy Your Wedding Dress Wholesale

You can get many items at unbelievably low prices, wholesale really, many are not in this country and I have found that it’s difficult to get returns on any items that are not US companies, so buyer beware.

The choices are endless, so go out there and find the most beautiful bridal accessories 4 less.

Wedding Shoes

Cheap bridal shoes

Here are some really wedding shoes, I just love them. And at $66 and free shipping they are a steal!

Here is a great site that has really pretty wedding shoes and they are dyeable and beautiful and very cheap, but only in price. Here is the link: and here is a picture of one of the shoes that they have to offer:

They may be cheap wedding shoes but they look like they cost a lot.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Here is a nice company that has some really beautiful bridal hair accessories for your hair: haircomesthebride

Here are some of the options that they have:

You can find some really beautiful choices and many of they are well below $40.

Stay tuned to our site we are going to have lots of free giveaways. And stay tuned for our upcoming podcast we are going to cover Cheap bridal purses, cheap wedding jeweley, cheap wedding shoes, bridal gloves, bridal lingerie and more.

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